Wahconah Falls

Wahconah Falls

Location: Dalton, MA
Finding : Easy
Access  : Easy

The picture above was taken by my good friend, John Bedard. My only pictures of this waterfall are excessively dark, and I give many thanks to John for letting me use his much better picture.

Friday, April 5, 1996

This state park is located right at the junction of the towns of Dalton, Windsor, and Hinsdale. Along route 9 there is a sign marking the turn onto Wahconah Falls Road. From there you have to drive a short distance over a relatively rough dirt road to the park entrance. You won't miss the entrance. There is a large parking lot there.

I visited the falls today with my friend John and his girlfriend. Due to the early season there was hardly anyone else there. It was just the way I like it.

We walked a short distance from the parking lot down to the falls. They were quite spectacular. The stream flowed over several steps into a very large pool. The stream was good sized and filled with spring run-off. There was a lot of foam and a great roaring sound! We took several pictures while perched out on the wet rocks. Very nice. My pictures came out too dark but at least John got some good ones (see above).

After spending some time admiring the main falls, I explored upstream a little. I definitely recommend it. Although there were no other falls as large as the lower one, there were a couple of smaller falls that spilled over steps several feet high. It looked like the upstream falls are not often visited and probably are relatively quiet even in the busy summer months. It might make a good picnic spot if you don't mind eating out of your lap.

This falls is a "must see" if you are in Western Massachusetts.

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