Bemis Brook Falls

Bemis Brook Falls

Overview: Small waterfall in shaded glen.
Location: Crawford Notch State Park, NH.
Stream  : Bemis Brook.
Height  : 10 feet (estimated).
Finding : Easy. Well marked trailhead.
Access  : Short hike.
Basking : No.
Privacy : Less popular than some nearby falls.
Legal   : Public access.

Tuesday, July 16, 1996

Bemis Brook Falls

Today my daughter and I spent the day in Crawford Notch enjoying waterfalls. Bemis Brook Falls is located a little way up the Bemis Brook Trail, just above Coliseum Falls. To get to these falls, you must start hiking down the Arethusa Falls Trail. The Bemis Brook Trail diverges left from that trail after a short distance.

Bemis Brook Falls are located in a shady glen. There are two main drops with a smaller, third drop. It takes a bit of a scramble to climb down into the glen and to get up close and personal with the falls, but it's worth it. With only a little trouble you can climb out on the rocks between the upper and the middle drop. From there you get a wonderful view of the upper falls (pictured at right). The large pool at the base of the upper falls is very inviting.

A nice waterfall. It's not especially spectacular, but the location is quite senic.

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