Vermont Towns

I think it would be fun to visit all of the towns in Vermont. In fact, the 251 Club of Vermont is specifically for people who wish to do such (the name reflects the 251 towns and cities in the state, although as of 2022, the actual number is 252 due to the recent addition of the City of Essex). This page is a record of my progress on that goal. It is a bit sketchy at the moment, but as the idea matures I may flesh out this page with more useful information.

According to the 251 Club, the criteria for visiting a town is up to the discretion of the club member. Many people take a picture of themselves standing in front of a sign with the town's name on it. I decided to use a criteria that is both easier and more difficult. I will only count a town as visited if I do something "significant" in the town. Precisely what that means is up to me, but the idea is that a quick stop and picture is not enough. However, I am not requiring pictures which in certain respects makes my criteria easier than the common one.

The list below shows the town in alphabetical order along with the dates visited and the significant thing that I did in that town shown in parentheses. This list starts on July 1, 2022. Towns that I visited before that date are not shown and need to be revisited to count.

Of course I've visited some towns many times, often doing different significant things in the twon for each visit. It is not my intention here to record all such visits, however I may record some additional visits, or even replace less interesting visit information, if there is something particularly special about a new visit.

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