Criteria for Inclusion on the Official List

The Four Thousand Footers Club of the Appalachian Mountain Club maintains three official lists.

To be a part of the official list of 4000 foot mountains in New Hampshire or New England. A mountain must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. It must be located in New Hampshire or, respectively, in one of the New England states. (This rules out mountians in the Adirondacks or the Catskills of New York).

  2. It must be 4000 or more feet high.

  3. It must rise a clear 200 feet above the saddle between it and its higher neighbors (if any). This rules out mountains that are really the shoulders of larger mountains or that are just bumps on a high ridge (only the highest bump makes the list).

The New England Hundred Highest list uses the same criteria except that the second criteria is relaxed slightly. Some of the mountains in the hundred highest list are less than 4000 feet. These lists are regularly updated as new information becomes available in the form of more up to date topographic maps.

More information about the criteria and the official rules for ascending the mountains can be found on the Four Thousand Footers Club FAQ page.

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